Anubam Food products

Established 2020

Why We Are?

Anubam Food Products is located in Munnar, Kerala. We manufacture and sell idli flour and dosa flour and we also supply fodder and other food items. Our food is made in the kitchen, not in the laboratory. When you bring Anubam food products home, you are bringing healthy, wholesome and preservative-free food. We offer the traditional taste of Kerala. We have excellent infrastructure for production and export to international markets.

Veg- Mix Batter

Whether you’re rushing to work on a Monday morning, or putting your feet up on a lazy Sunday afternoon, your dose of bite-sized happiness is only a batter away! Help yourself to a mouthful of soft, delicate Idlies or bite into a crispy, golden brown Dosa, with our preservative-free Anubam batter. And watch as the wholesomeness of home-made food casts a spell on your day.


  1. Idli batter
  2. Onion
  3. Carrot
  4. Salt/Red chili powder/Turmeric
  5. Mustard/channa dal
  6. Cilantro/Curry leaves-few


Advantages of Anubam Cattle feed:

From the traditional feeding practices, it was observed that animals do not get all the required nutrition for efficient milk production, body maintenance and better reproduction. therefore, milk producers are suggested to feed their animals with Anubam cattle feed.

Benefits of Anubam Cattle feed:

  • Increase in milk production.
  • Improvement in health of animal
  • Improvement in fat content of milk
  • Improvement in immunity of animal
  • Prevention from metabolic diseases and deficiency syndromes

Cattle feed ingredients:

  • Grains
  • De-oiled Rice Bran
  • Rice Polish Fine
  • Various types of broken grains and cereals
  • molasses
  • Minerals
  • vitamins
  • oil-seed extracts
  • many other agricultural ingredients